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Carriers of GraceIoannis Dekas
Doxa Deo London
Length: 40 minutes
On the day of Pentecost, Ioannis builds on the knowledge of our identity in Christ to reveal how we have been called as "fishers of men" by Jesus Christ Himself.
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This Is Our StoryMatt France
Doxa Deo London
Length: 46 minutes
We hear stories of testimony, revelation and journey with God from two of our Doxa Deo Community Church Partners. Matt leads an uplifting conversation.
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Truth & YouMatt France
Doxa Deo London
Length: 45 minutes
The Kingdom of Heaven is as real and relevant today is it ever has been and as it ever will be. This truth propels us in every day living.
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Flourish: Testimony to the ResurrectionIoannis Dekas
Doxa Deo London
Length: 55 minutes
We can honour and testify to Christ revealed in us through working well with our resources. God has no interest in taking our money, rather He places the highest value on our hearts and lives.
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Flourish: The Spirit of MammonIoannis Dekas
Doxa Deo London
Length: 54 minutes
What do we place value on and how do they compare to that which we apply price tags to? Ioannis teaches on how self-reliance directly opposes Godly design and intention.
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Be BoldPaul Pickhaver
Doxa Deo London
Length: 34 minutes
Paul draws from Joshua's rise in responsibility under Moses, looking at his desire to draw closer to God and see Him face to face.
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Embracing The Present WordIoannis Dekas
Doxa Deo London
Length: 51 minutes
Ioannis shares on the power of embracing the present Word of God over your life. How do we put His Word into action?
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Devoted: Part 5Matt France
Doxa Deo London
Length: 45 minutes
Love is at the centre of the Devoted series. Matt leads us through scripture and captures the heart of what devotion to God and His church is all about.
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Devoted: Part 4Paul Pickhaver
Doxa Deo London
Length: 31 minutes
What does a church look like that has an impact on every day life in your community? Paul shares stories of scripture being acted out and not just read from the pages of the bible.
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Devoted: Part 3Cheray Dekas
Doxa Deo London
Length: 41 minutes
Cheray shares at our evening celebration in Wimbledon and takes us back to God's original intention for His people and the beauty of Christ's bride, the church.
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